"What did Loki do to you?”

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Clintasha 1/10 AUs | AU Based on a song
Kiss It All Better by HE IS WE
And she cried "Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault, love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know."

He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart
In the back of a man who tore his world apart.

He cries,
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.

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Some phone-quality pics from For the Future 2 as requested by sabuchan.

3rd pic - Trying to contact Lucifer with an Ouji board with no luck XD 

4th pic - Obligatry Filia~

5th pic - Zelgadiss seems to like Amelia’s haircut :3



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Take care of my son…

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"Of all things, I liked books best."
- Nikola Tesla

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n : i find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

               s : that’s not a good way to live.

n : no, but it’s a good way not to die.

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